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The Google Search Console is a rich source of SEO insights. Keylogs makes it easy to dive into it's data, gain actionable insights to improve your rankings and track your SEO progress.

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Sebastian Kinz|ingerMaker@derkinzi
Hi there PH 👋, I'm super thrilled to launch Keylogs here today. I've been scratching my own itch with it for the last couple of weeks and I'm extremely excited to hear your feedback! The idea for this project has actually been sitting in the back of my head ever since Google launched the Search Console API back in 2015. My personal need for it rose again end of last year and so I've hacked together a personal version of it around christmas. Using it myself actually helped me a lot to get one of my sites back on track and I realized again how many awesome insights there are in the Google Search Console if you manage to wring them out in the first place. So I thought I should make it available for everybody. I added a few nice features like matching Google Analytics and Keywords Search volume data and set up report emails. You can read more about my journey in the article above. I've a bunch of ideas on how to develop it further but today I'd like to find out what you think of it. Please let me know here, on the chat or on twitter! :) Cheers, Sebastian
Loukman Nacik@loukmannacik · Co-founder @
@derkinzi Congratulation for the Launch 🚀 I’m definitely a customer, the is how search insight should look like, a time saver when it comes to SEO.
Sebastian Kinz|ingerMaker@derkinzi
@loukmannacik Thanks Loukman, I'm thrilled and it's awesome to have you on board. :) 🙌
Dennis van Dalen@ieatsalot · Turn complexity into simplicity
I've been using Keylogs for a while now, it's giving me an amazing overview and some interesting tips 👍
Sebastian Kinz|ingerMaker@derkinzi
@ieatsalot And thank you for your feedback in the last few weeks! :)
Igor Gorbenko@di_ry · SaaS Marketing Manager
I've registered about a month ago. It almost completely replaced the search console for me.
Sebastian Kinz|ingerMaker@derkinzi
@di_ry Which part did it not replace yet?
Igor Gorbenko@di_ry · SaaS Marketing Manager
@derkinzi Still visiting GSC to check links
Sebastian Kinz|ingerMaker@derkinzi
@di_ry Yeah, of course. This unfortunately is not supported by the API (yet) :) I could imagine the new version will have something like this though...
I've been using it for a couple of months now and it definitely is a tool that helps me get better at understanding the best strategies to deliver a usable SEO strategy for me and my team. I'm already paying so I must be one of the first ones!
Sebastian Kinz|ingerMaker@derkinzi
@fba You are. :) Thanks you for your support and feedback while building it!