Live. Replayable. Blogging.

Keycast is live, replayable blogging. Everything you type is immediately visible to viewers. Typos, Freudian slips, everything else — if you type it, they'll see it. After casting, you'll be able to replay that cast just as if it were happening live. Just share a link and it'll all be there, ready to be lived or relived at any moment.

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This reminds me of a project that @kevinrose, @hemeon, @zinssmeister worked on a few years ago (which I don't think ever launched):
@kevinrose @hemeon @rrhoover you are right, what we prototyped was never released but it was pretty cool especially on mobile 🤓
I’ve wanted this for video production before— for on screen annotations. The “made by a human” part is key.
This looks like it would be extremely cool for some type of hypertext fiction.
Good idea, but .... In Spanish, the accents dissapear and make the words look funny. And in some cases, there are also certain letters that are not recorded if I type fast. My first cast:
@hombrelobo THANK YOU for letting me know about this! I'll put that on my list of things to explore. I appreciate you trying it out!
Hey @amacarthur, looks cool! What would's the application you have in mind? Like, where do you wish to take this? just curious :)
@allwynpfr Great question! Honestly, right now, I'm kind of curious just to see how it fits in the marketplace. I originally imagined it be used by social commentators and mainstream bloggers as a creative, vulnerable, raw way to share content with followers. But as I get more and more feedback, I can see it being received differently than that... not sure what to expect at this point! Until that "fit" happens, I'll be ready to pivot and adapt as needed.