Key Passages

Take digital notes from physical books

Key Passages is a mobile app to quickly and easily capture, review and organise passages from physical publications including books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

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I built this app as a side project to help with my reading habit. I've found it useful and now I'm sharing it more widely in case others find it useful too. There's lots of room for improvement so all feedback greatly appreciated.
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Looks nice! I could use something like this. Android version perhaps?
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@anna_0x Already started work on the Android version so coming soon.
@donovan_frew nice! Looking forward to giving it a try
@donovan_frew thank you I can't wait for this
Cool, what do you think about the following. If I am manually highlighting the sections of importance and then just make a photo of the particular page. I think it would be much better when the app could recognize those sections automatically and include them.
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@nick_stask That's a really good idea Nick. It would be especially useful for people who already have books with highlights. They could literally capture those passages in a snap.
One of my goals this year was to go back through my books and copy down the highlights. This is perfect timing! I hope development keeps up for a while. I hate pouring time and attention in to an app only to have it die shortly after or become abandonware. This looks great!
@iamjmw Good point. This app does require investment from the user and it would be a shame if that's wasted. I'm an ardent reader and use this myself so I have motivation to keep it going.
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Great idea! I wonder if there is a way to tie this in with Goodreads or Kindle to save your highlights.
@britaingreen I'll look into it.