Key Light by Elgato

A desk-mounted light designed for streaming

Conventional studio lighting can clutter your setup. Built from solid metal, Elgato Key Light eliminates this issue thanks to a streamlined profile that stays out of your way. It doesn’t even touch your floor, plus it stands flush against your wall. Simply clamp the pole mount to your desk, extend it to your ideal height, and you’re ready to roll.

"During a gold rush, sell shovels."
@joshuapinter wiser words have never been spoken
Not a bad idea, but it's way too expensive. Just basic education on lighting can get you a lot more for less.
It's been super interesting to see the "home studio" market expand as streaming has continued to grow more and more popular.
Not a streamer at all, but would be interested in seeing one of these built as a SAD lamp. I have a nice one now, costs a similar amount, but it sits on my side and makes me look super weird during video calls as a result.