Keto shakes for on-the-go that won't cost the Earth

Ketologie is a nutrition startup dedicated to making food that changes lives. We make amazingly delicious, all-natural products that provide the building blocks for nutritional ketosis. Currently in full size jars for at-home use, we're now running a small KS campaign to add work/gym/travel size sachets to our offering. Love to hear your feedback!

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Special pre-launch offer for the PH community: pre-order our upcoming keto shake sachets via our Kickstarter campaign at any tier over $35 and receive an automatic tier upgrade. The reward packages are already offering great discounts, so a tier upgrade on top of that = best deal ever! Actually.
"...won't cost the Earth"? What does that mean?
@idahole_dot_com it means that (a) they'll be affordable ($3 or less per shake) and (b) won't be powder in single-use throwaway bottles (like many brands seem to be doing these days!)