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KetoAF SuperFuel is a patented combo of BHB & MCT, plus Cinnamon, that can be used to burn fat, increase energy, kickstart ketosis, improve training, recovery, and performance.

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Alex Herndon
Alex HerndonMaker@alex_herndon · KetoAF Founder, Digital Marketer, Brewer
Thanks for hunting us @juhaszhenderson 🎉 Hey everyone!👋 I created KetoAF after my own experience using the ketogenic diet along with a new weight lifting regimen. I dropped from 18% to 12% body fat over the first 6 weeks, while maintaining overall bodyweight. Meaning I replaced over 11 lbs of fat with lean muscle. aka Body Recomposition - something many fitness "gurus" say is impossible. My first few weeks on the new diet I experienced the dreaded "keto flu". I tried supplementing with a few exogenous ketone products on the market. They definitely helped, but tasted terrible. BHB is pretty bitter, and most products seem to try and mask this with tart fruit flavors. Plus they only contain BHB but studies show that BHB combined with MCT increases ketone levels higher, for longer. KetoAF is a new Superfuel that contains both BHB & MCT in a delicious cinnamon latte flavor! It tastes great in almond milk or your morning coffee 😀. KetoAF is a non-carb, no caffeine source of energy - great for those on the keto diet,or anyone looking to improve training, recovery, and performance. Ketones (BHB Salts) like goBHB™ are really expensive to manufacture. As such, most companies break out a BHB ketone "base" and then sell a MCT powder as a separate product, telling you to stack them together. Their BHB base products alone cost more than KETO AF, and you will spend more than $100 to buy both products, separately! Our product retails at $49 and right now we are running a buy 2 get 1 free sale for the rest of the month. 🎉 We’ll be here all day answering questions! Have you tried Keto? Have you tried supplementing with exogenous ketones? Are you Keto AF 🔥 ? Let us know!
Matt Henderson 🚀
Matt Henderson 🚀HunterPro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (14/24) 🚀
This market is so saturated, I'm glad there are people still working on cutting through. I stay far away from GNC because everything looks the same and everyone disagrees about what to use. @alex_herndon I've been bulking for over 6 months, and now prepping to cut. Is this a good product for me?
Alex Herndon
Alex HerndonMaker@alex_herndon · KetoAF Founder, Digital Marketer, Brewer
@juhaszhenderson For sure! KetoAF Superfuel is a great product for a cutting phase. And you don't even have to be on a keto diet to get the benefits! Try it as a pre-workout, or anytime you're looking for carb free energy source.
Daniel Greenberg
Daniel GreenbergPro@15greenberg · Making weird internet
Can’t wait to try it