Kerv Payment Ring

Contactless payment ring

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Kerv payment ring is a credit card on your finger. Tap to pay as if you were using a Mastercard, top-up on your phone.

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Nate Desmond
Nate DesmondHunter@natedesmond · Marketer
Until someone figures out how to build contactless into an NFC implant, this seems like the easiest way to carry a wallet!
Brian Roach
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
@natedesmond definitely. Would love for Apple to come out with something like this. :)
Claude Sutterlin
Claude Sutterlin@claudesutterlin · Owner, Coffee Bean Studios LLC
What is the usability of this in the states? I haven't really been very observant on how many registers have mastercard contactless payment options and all of the website content seems UK-focused.
Nate Desmond
Nate DesmondHunter@natedesmond · Marketer
@claudesutterlin True, I live in the UK and visiting in the US recently I was amazed how many stores still don't have contactless payment options. Apple/Android Pay are amazing in Europe though - you can pay everywhere by phone.