Color picker, color pallete and color gradient for your Mac

#5 Product of the DayAugust 28, 2016
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Nice apps! But I think it would be better if it has a mark that point which pixel the cursor is focusing on, like Digital Color Meter does. Because as a user, I find it a little bit hard to precisely pick the color I want from a particular pixel. Just my two cents.
Arun Pattnaik
Arun Pattnaik@arunpattnaik · UX'er for web startups, maker of things.
Looks like a decent app. But the push on 'upgrade to pro' is a bit overdone imo.
Didats Triadi
Didats TriadiMaker@didats · iOS & macOS Developer, Rimbunesia
@arunpattnaik Thank you! We will think about the overdone button on the next release
Neil@rctneil · Web Developer
Like it but two suggestions. Plese add an option to change keyboard shortcut used for activating the picker. Also, when doing the actual pick, if the colour you want is a link or a button or some interactive element then clicking to pick that colour should not activate the element underneath such as the link or button.
Didats Triadi
Didats TriadiMaker@didats · iOS & macOS Developer, Rimbunesia
@rctneil Thank you with the suggestion. Will consider that on the next release.
Sanjay Kumar Negi
Sanjay Kumar Negi@sanjaynegi94 · CEO, TechPingu
Criss Cheng
Criss Cheng@criss_cheng · UX researcher / designer
Exactly what I'm looking for. I love the simplicity of it. This can take away the pain of opening other color palettes on the browser and worry that if I accidentally close the page.