Keepsafe Unlisted

Protect your phone number, private texts and calls


Need new phone numbers? With Unlisted, get additional phone numbers to protect your personal information, make private calls and send/receive texts & photos. Create new private numbers to use for dates, buying & selling online, work calls - anything!

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co-founder/CTO KeepSafe

This is a great product if you need a 2nd number to separate things in your life. Super easy to use and very reliable. If you're looking for a more complex phone system, this is not ideal for you


Super easy to use and reliable


Not perfect for business use case when multiple people need to receive the same number


Beautiful design, works well and affordable!


Great for men and women who need a temporary number to stay safe in the modern world.


It would be great to be able to try a new number for a limited time.

iOS/web dev

Really great concept & the app works nicely. It helps me maintain my privacy when I have to give out my number to people or services I don't trust.

As more companies (and governments) collect more data on everyone and use it for their own profit or unfortunate tracking scenarios, it just makes sense to only have to truly identify yourself online when you really have to and when you really trust that service


Phone numbers are tightly tied to online identities (people can find a lot of information about you this way), so throwaway #s are crucial


I'd love an Android version