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arnaud laurenty
arnaud laurentyMaker@alaurenty · CEO at Regaind
Hi Product Hunt! Being amateur photographers ourselves, we created Regaind in order to transform the process of sorting and using huge quantities of pictures into a pleasant, personalized experience. To achieve that, we have built an artificial intelligence that understands what photos matter to people in terms of content, action and aesthetic quality. Part of our technology is now made freely available in the form of Keegan, your online personal photo coach. Send Keegan one of your photos, and he’ll provide you with an immediate feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your image. Keegan will even give you some advice on how to improve your photography skills when he can. We’re happy to answer any of your questions :) Arnaud, CEO at Regaind
Great job @alaurenty and team! Keegan manages to be at the same time very entertaining - as I can see in my Facebook feed today - and actually useful for a lousy photographer like me
arnaud laurenty
arnaud laurentyMaker@alaurenty · CEO at Regaind
@mvaragnat Thanks :) We're happy to know that Keegan is useful to you!
Thomas Chrétien
Thomas Chrétien@tchret · tchret.com
Looks nice @alaurenty It would be nice to see use cases where the bot gives advices :)
albanHunterHiring@albn · CEO, Sketchfab
@tchret @alaurenty I just added 2 examples with advices
arnaud laurenty
arnaud laurentyMaker@alaurenty · CEO at Regaind
@tchret Keegan usually gives you advice when your photo has some major drawbacks. when it's already good, well he acknowledges that :) Keegan also gives you more feedback when you send him more photos, by telling you what are the strengths and weaknesses in your photography technique overall. Give it a try!
Steven Law
Steven Law@stevenlaw · Radio DJ, Web develop, Infosec Fan
What a clever product, well done!
Kirtane Chiron
Kirtane Chiron@kirtanechiron · ✌️
is this still a thing? the link doesn't work :/
Sagar Honakeri
Sagar Honakeri@sagar868 · Engineer at Nonspec, Startup enthusiast
@kirtanechiron They have shut down! Its was excellent, I miss it a lot. Ugggh😢