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I wanted to like Kayako, I really did. I recommended it to one of my large clients who performed a full integration. We were excited about the chat feature. The problem? Well it just doesn't work. We wanted to turn off the requirement for an email, doesn't work. We wanted to show our agents were online and happy to help - nope, kept saying we would be back later to answer their questions even though we were online. These are basic 101 features of chat and they weren't working, very frustrating. Also wanted to add, I had a chat conversation with one of their agents/employees (Gary C.) and it was ugly. He told me this "the fact that you don't appreciate the feature speaks volumes about your help desk knowledge". Seriously. Note, I was asking about allowing someone to initiate a chat without requiring their email address. Apparently he didn't understand that the vast majority of of visitors to websites just want a quick question answered and don't want to handout their email address.


Great interface


Functional problems, lags in response time

I know. Asking for an email before initiating a chat makes sense when you are collecting well qualified super intered leads. But in almost all other cases most people would rather not talk then be forced to answer a few questions. The other issue might be that Kayako's chat product might be built around identifying unique users with their email address instead of some auto generated number. To change that might also mean a complete overhaul of their product.
@ben_holz would you suggest any helpdesk/chat alternative? My team is currently using Kayako. The first experience was amazing. Much cheaper than Zendesk or Intercom. Great UI. The customers were happy. We migrated from JIRA Service Desk, which is not super user-friendly. But now we're tired of glitches, slow responsiveness, and buggy frontend. The mobile apps are awful - keeps people signing out every couple of hours. The push notifications are being delivered with a huge delay. What would you choose instead of Kayako? I mean - something with a similar price?
@ben_holz have a glance at Articbot (AI chatbot with auto-routing live chat).