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I feel like I keep repeating myself but here's another example of an invisible app -- a product that doesn't have its own interface, integrated within people's existing workflow. Simply add the hashtag #katch to your Meerkat stream and Katch will record and publish your video on YouTube. Glorious. @jsneedles could have used this during his 24 hour meerathon (yes, that's meerkat + marathon).
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@jsneedles @rrhoover +1 for meerathon.
@sleinadsanoj meerathon was great; but actually one of the main reasons that it worked Imho was that it was NOT being recorded. 1) temple club were not going to let them in, as they said no recording. But he explained that it was not being recorded. No way to record it etc. And so they let him in. 2) later they were telling embarrassing stories and one guy shared a story that he'd never told anyone apart from his mom before, because it wasn't being recorded. The no recording is a big pro for meerkat Imho. But at least this gives people other options.
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@_jacksmith I just liked the word "meerathon". 😊👍 But yes, I agree that the "no-recording" part of meerkat is a feature not really something they were missing. Maybe it would make sense to restrict this #katch functionality to the broadcaster only, so they have some form of control over what gets recorded... 😕
@sleinadsanoj that's a good point. It's unclear. Is this only for the streamer? Or viewers also?
@_jacksmith from what I understand the #katch can be used either by the broadcaster in the announcement or by ANY viewer as a comment/reply during the stream... EDIT: after re-checking the website it looks like it's only the streamer who can #katch meerkasts... so that's 1 less concern I have about this.
This couldn't make us more happy. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Much love in the MK manor :) We are lucky you choose to develop for MK.
@benrbn thanks! More to come :)
Hey folks so we created #Katch with a simple plan. We kept seeing Meerkats in our feed that were already over and we thought it would be cool to create a “record button” for Meerkat. We wanted to make it super simple and thumb optimized - e.g embed it in a tweet with no more interface than a hashtag . How'd we do? We'd love your feedback!
@tarikh I love the idea. One question: what happens if someone meerkasts something that is against youtube's ToS... especially if it happens repeatedly? As I understand you're saving the videos to your youtube account, not the user's? So how quickly do you figure your YT account could be suspended?
So clever!! :)
One thing is frustrating: 99% of meerkat broadcasts are vertical videos. (don't try to change people behaviour, it won't happen) When you upload a vertical video, youtube adds those black bands left and right. And, while it's understandable on desktop, I hate to watch a video like that on mobile. shame on you, youtube! :D How youtube should fix this: when someone uploads a vertical video, create 2 different versions of the video. Automatically check what device I'm using, and show me the vertical video in full screen! Can any of you guys come up with a temporary solution to this? (Maybe a youtube mobile client for vertical videos ?)
@angelomilan @benrbn was interviewed at SXSW a few weeks ago discussing the decision to broadcast vertically v. horizontally and I have to agree with him: https://twitter.com/daveambrose/... tl;dr the Meerkat team realizes the web view on video is poor now when it's shot horizontal, but I'd expect an update from them soon.
@angelomilan @benrbn @daveambrose I have just been manually changing the CSS whenever I wanted to actively watch something on the web. :)
@sleinadsanoj me too! @benrbn add that max-width to desktop 😉
@daveambrose hi Dave, actually I agree with you: live broadcasts should stay vertical. Meerkat did it right... I was just referring to youtube and watching #katch recordings on youtube from mobile ;)