Karmabot Status

High-performing culture in remote teams

Karmabot Status is a time-tracking and reporting set of tools on Slack.

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Stas Kulesh
Creative Director @ Karmabot.chat
Hey all, It’s been a while since we published https://www.producthunt.com/post... in here, which got 1000+ upvotes — thank you all very much for such a warm reception! In short, Karmabot is tracking and measuring the short- medium- and long-term team performance using simple commands like: > @username ++ For being an awesome being! And > #channel 10++ For delivering in time! Anyone can request karma for any other member of the team. It’s either auto-approved or reviewed by moderators. Based on the requests’ descriptions, each team member is getting his/her profile built. (This is what we explained last time here https://www.producthunt.com/post...). *Today we’re taking it to the next level.* Chat is the new email. Many companies, big and small, shifted their everyday business communications to chats: Slack / MS Teams / HipChat – for many these are the main everyday channels. With the businesses expanding, the teams are getting bigger as well. To a manager or a business owner, *it’s hard to impossible to know what’s happening in chats when there are more than 50 members on the team*. *Karmabot Status* feature Time-tracking comes to chats. Karmabot Status provides an overview, a snapshot if you will, of everyone’s activity. Each task is recorded and reflected on the status screen. - See what the team is busy with - Get daily reports online or via email - Use full-screen dashboard (put it on the office's TV) - Set starting times for the remote team members Available commands: - `/karma task description` or just `/k description` to record a status in a particular channel. - `/k finish` to finish the day. - `/k break` to stop the current task and have a ☕ Try it for free at https://karmabot-demo.slack.com Username: guest@karmabot.chat Password: Karmabot See how your Slack activity affects the stats at http://karmabot.chat/demo *Product Hunt Super Mega Goodie Bag* - KB2PHUNT75 - 75% OFF forever - 5/10 - KB2PH50 - 50% OFF forever - 3/100 - Karmabot is 100% free for charities and educational institutions, talk to us: hi@karmabot.chat 😄 *Stats* Since its launch, with 0 marketing budget, Karmabot got adopted by hundreds of teams all over the world. I've just scanned through the recent teams in my super admin panel: VMWare, Twitter, Expedia, Toyota, Capgemini, SalesforceIQ, Deloitte Digital, Nintendo, AMD Team, Washington Post, SignalCo, Smartsheet, Red Hat, Inc., Walmart, BuzzFeed, Dropbox, PwC ICC, Hi5 Studios, TLC. These and 970 more teams are with us, which is very exciting indeed! Karmabot stats (15 Mar 2018): - Users: 148,366 - Karma points given: 97,535 - Teams: 978 We’d be more than happy to have your team with us as well.