Karmabot is a bot for managing teams on chats. Through the extensive reports and micro-feedback it gives managers detailed insights on teammates' performance.

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Hi all. My team is building Karmabot.chat, a tool for gathering micro-feedback on chats. The bot works on Slack, MS Teams and Telegram and tracks in-chat team performance ('karma', very similar to Product Hunt/Reddit concepts) via simple set of commands: > @user ++ for fixing that annoying bug *OUR CUSTOMERS* Customers that get the most value out of Karmabot are usually teams of 20+ size. At that scale in-chat communications become messy and the founders/managers begin to lose grasp on the current state of affairs in daily conversations: threads, channels, direct messages. At some point, it is hard to impossible to know who did a good job. _Approximately 77% of all Karmabot installs are done by business owners, senior management, heads of departments, CEOs or technical directors._ *PROBLEM <> SOLUTION* Karmabot helps team mates to share karma points and provide micro-feedback on a regular basis. These rewards are instant. It's super-easy to send @user++ request and quickly note done a little achievement of one of your colleagues. In the long run, the records help team leaders to recognise best performers and strong communicators. A tiny token of appreciation from a boss, such as 'Well done, thanks heaps for helping with this!' – it will not drown in the daily noise of business chats. Good little deeds are visible now. The bot can automatically assign a category to each karma request. At the end of the year/quarter, a simple appreciation token like `@user ++ for being a good sport` can help an employee to get a bonus or a promotion. To increase company’s efficiency by promoting effective employees, spotting weaknesses and helping employees to address them. Karma also leads to a healthy competition that fosters effectiveness. *TOOLSET* - Performance reports, actionable HR insights for performance reviews. - Time tracking and reporting - Employee full profiles - Team engagement toolkit --- educational tour `/k tour` and `/k help` --- animated karma cards, --- animated leaderboards --- personal stats, --- visualised profiles. Individuals within each team have a powerful motivation to encourage and support their fellow team members; the more that each member contributes, the more the team as a whole benefits. The more that each team member feels valued and supported, the more motivation he or she has to contribute to the team. *IT'S A LONG-TERM ENGAGEMENT* 1. The first level is simple: the user gets individual (normal) karma for positive behaviour. 2. Team karma is the next karma level. When the team delivers a part of the project, it receives a large chunk of team karma and distributes it among team members according to their shares. 3. Long-term karma is the highest level: the whole team works towards delivery of more projects over a longer period of time. Transparency is a critical part of the Karmabot system, the admin can fine-tune visibility and processes in her team. *FEEDBACK* The first impression is very important. A couple of questions to the friendly community: - What would you change in the in-chat on-boarding tour? - What is _clearly_ missing from the product? Your help will be much appreciated. Please feel free to take advantage of the 40% for 1 year discount here: http://karmabot.chat/?ref=produc... *OCTOBER 2018 STATS* *Karmabot Slack:* - 2,417 active teams - Notable clients: VMWare, Nokia Video *Karma bot for MS Teams:* - 1,833 teams - Microsoft HQ office in Seattle is using our product. *Karmabot Telegram (Free):* - 110 teams
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@user @stas_kulesh This is super cool. Huge congrats on the launch :)
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@user @stas_kulesh Do you do outbound sales for this ? How do you identify companies who are using slack, MS, Telegram ?
@shreyaa_ratra MS Teams and Slack have their own app stores. Those generate the most of our users. Telegram is spreading virally, it's a free product. So, to answer you question: they come to us, we don't do sales at this stage, working with the existing customers, building the rock-solid product and finding market fit.
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Karmabot lead designer here! It would be great to hear your brutally honest feedback on our branding, characters and overall space theme we’ve picked.
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Love this, installing NOW! The illustrations on the landing page are amazing :-)
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