Karma Go

Take WiFi with you everywhere, now available with LTE

#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 24, 2014
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Love original one. Use it all the time. Excited to see this one :)
Have been using the old WiMax device a lot. Awesome service and perfect when you'e regularly visit the US , but coverage was often an issue. Great to see they made the switch to LTE.
Looks awesome. I love the attention to detail. Looks like they really understand what people want. I hope they can bring this to Europe.
I can do all of this with my iPhone and my notebook. In fact it's even easier with iOS 8 and Yosemite. Why would I want to drag this extra device and charger with me when I travel?
@joshkerr Was going to say the same thing. Most Android devices can be set up as a wifi hotspot in just a few seconds.
@joshkerr Not all plans allow tethering and I prefer the pricing model of karma where you pay only for what you use vs. monthly
@joshkerr Yeah, really depends on what exactly your plan is. If you have grandfathered unlimited data + free tethering, your phone is a better deal. The one big advantage of Karma in that case is battery life: when I tether my phone, the battery is dead in an hour or two.
Love this idea, great team and nice execution. Always wondered why Karma co-founder & fellow Dutchie @robertgaal decided to join Google.