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Hi I am Chris, one of the makers of KanyeText.com. This was created by @matt_whiteoak and I yesterday. We are not going to pretend that this is a serious product that will make the world a better place, it is a bit of fun built over a single day. The challenge for us was to create something without being able to code as quickly as possible. Something that could send text messages to people, so we could annoy our friends with stupid quotes. We used some off the shelf tools, happy to expand if anyone is interested. We had to pick our target and passed on Donald Trump, and Dj Khaled but Matt thought there could only be one person who would have an endless supply of self indulgent quotes that would hopefully amuse. There is only really one person who would fit. The person that said “"I am Warhol! I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney, Nike, Google." - Kanye West It obviously costs us money to send the messages, hence why there is no free plan but we tried to make it as affordable as possible. One off payments via stripe. Only works on US mobile numbers at the moment, and you can watch the twitter account as all replies to the message are posted to twitter. https://twitter.com/akanyetext already a few there. We will expand it to Australian Numbers (later this week) and UK numbers if enough people are interested. Update 14/2 - We wrote a bit of a summary of what happened https://medium.com/@Christopher_...
@christopher_87 Australian numbers are now supported.
@fred2woh @tomeversley we are now in the UK, not EU (sorry) just UK numbers. https://kanyetext.com/uk/
Cheers guys, this looks great. Any plans for hosting your form over HTTPS?
@carsonjonze yes, was meant to be secure. It's 2am in Australia so I'll need to check in the morning. Sorry!
@christopher_87 @carsonjonze seconded. Ready to do this once it's secure.
@colbywg thanks working on it now!
@carsonjonze @colbywg should be https now. @davidghooper just said he fixed it up. Thank you for the feedback
From the same infantile thought process (but different people) as things such as Ship Your Enemies Glitter and D*cks By Mail, comes KanyeText. Enter your friend's / enemy's number and prepare to be bemused as they struggle to comprehend the genius that is Kanye coming at them live and direct.
@hichaelmui I'm not so sure about that. The glitter guy seems like an original thinker. For example, after glitter, he went on to write a book about MH370 flight. This just seems like a 137th uninspired imitation of the same thing we've seen 137 times.
Amazing product with a really low entry to enjoy. Now to save this to my troll collection.
@noxowe We hope people use it for laughs, and not to spam people who can't take a joke.