Kanvas Keyboard

The world's most creative iOS keyboard

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What's up Product Hunters! Super excited to be launching Kanvas Keyboard today! Dubbed the most creative keyboard in the world it allows for quick and easy sending of animated gifs and stickers replies. Custom message creation using text, drawing and photos to elevate all your convos! More than happy to answer any questions you ladies and gents have! Also tagging the company CoFounders in to join the fun! @vicsingh @georgeotsubo @gbildson
@KwamesWorld Nice! Loving all the new keyboards coming out these days. GIF Keyboard is one of my favorites right now. It looks like you've packed some great stuff into this one. Look forward to sending some whacky stuff to friends. One thing I've realized is I've been adding too many keyboards and the time it takes to rotate from one to the next has made me become pretty selective. I wish Apple would make it so every keyboard offered that pop up overlay to let you jump to whichever keyboard you want vs having to click the globe multiple times to return to the native one.
@KristoferTM Hey Kris! Thanks for the comment. I definitely agree that the power iOS8 brought to the keyboard makes it an exciting new frontier for smart apps like Fleksy and creative ones like ours. Switching is a pain in the butt that's why we want to be your one stop shop :) but you can also long hold on the globe to choose a keyboard instead of tapping your way through.
@KwamesWorld Yea but for me that only works from the native keyboard. Once I'm in yours or any other keyboard my only option seems to be click the globe multiple times and shuffle through the other until I get back to native... just me?