Kanvas 5.0 (Live)

Live video streaming with real time editing

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hey Product Hunt! we've been working on our own unique twist of live streaming since the summer. honestly, we weren't even sure it was technically possible to live stream with real-time edits but we had some major technical breakthroughs starting with retracing a drawing on a live stream. essentially we are merging the live video feed with the edits and rendering the stream in real-time. we think adding visual creative content on top of a live video stream will really lower the bar for people to broadcast and will open up the live streaming market to a more casual younger demographic. live streaming doesn't have to be about breaking news, it can be about just having fun in a visual way and we are super excited to see what people go live with! try out the custom themes, gif stickers, painting and filters and let us know your feedback please!!!
Finally!! Love it of course.
@vicsingh + co, can you give us some background on this please :)
Nice job! Love the updates and the innovation. Is this more of an experiment for you guys or do you think Live streaming will be the future of the app?
@jjflex great question. ultimately we want to be the home for mobile creativity and self expression. we think live streaming is a big part of that but we also know that people don't always want to go live so we have kept our current editing modes and will continue to innovate there as well. i know if feels like a lot of features and while single purpose apps have deep focus, i think users want a place to do everything and we want to be that place. hope that helps.
This is a great implementation. It's really cool to have the themes and gifs layered on the livestream!
@robertchea thanks, more to come!