Kantree 8.0

The most flexible collaboration platform

Our visual and truly flexible collaboration platform transforms work across your company. We focus 100% on business use cases and what we bring to the table is advanced features in an easy-to-use interface.
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Hi everyone, this is Maxime from Kantree, one of the developers and co-founders. Since we were last here, some 5 years ago (time does fly), lots of things have changed. When we look at our old screenshots, we can’t help but chuckle. But hey, we’re glad to have a startup that’s been around for this long and keeps growing! If you’re not familiar with us, we are a (truly) flexible work management and collaboration platform. Kantree is kind of a blend of Trello and Airtable, but even more powerful! We are 100% focused on business use cases and what we bring to the table is advanced features in an easy-to-use interface. Nowadays, you have so many tools that are pretty much basic kanban boards with a few specialized features. For most of them, paying a subscription is hardly justified and their simplicity quickly becomes frustrating. We migrated from a situation where spreadsheets offered the perfect canvas for business users to manage their business to a myriad of simple tools that don’t solve the real issues users have, as appealing as they may be. It was simply a move from weak collaboration and a complicated interface to weak customizability and higher maintenance costs. We believe this doesn’t have to be the way to go. We are building Kantree as the single tool your company needs for all its organizational needs. From simple task management to complex workflows. Kantree is also very well-suited for data organization, much like a database. Our big features are: - Powerful field customization and multiple types of cards - Multiple view modes: kanban (with swimlanes), table, timeline, etc. - Advanced real-time filtering system - Creating views in your projects - Powerful form & request management system - Flexible role & permissions system (control who can edit what field) - Deep email integration, as well as Slack and Github (more to come) Finally, check out our refreshed design. Some of the improvements are: a new default look in the kanban board (to help data in the cards stand out better), a sleeker general sidebar (for easier navigation), and new ways to customize project views. We also recently launched a template library, so you can get an idea of all the possibilities: https://kantree.io/templates If you want, you can read more about the tweaks on our blog: https://kantree.io/blog/features... We’re happy to answer any of your questions and we always welcome suggestions of new features! Drop us a line or check out the public road map. http://dev.kantree.io/
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Nice work team!
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We have been using Kantree in our organisation and we love using it. Easy to use, flexible, able keep track big and small scale project as well as set up process to make the work more organise.
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