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I've not looked at your site, but reading your tagline "Confidence exercises for introverts" - I have to say that I am borderline offended. It's clear that you have absolutely no real understanding of what it means to be an Introvert (or an extrovert for that matter). Being an introvert has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with shyness. The whole introvert / extrovert thing has been pretty mainstream now for a good few years since some excellent TED talks on the subject in the earlier half of the decade. There is a plethora of books on the subject also. The definition of introversion and extroversion is related to how you get drained and/or get recharged. Introverts get drained by crowds, noises, excessive stimuli and input, they recharge their batteries with quiet and calm. It's the opposite for extroverts. Here is a link to Susan Cain's game changing TED talk on introversion: https://www.ted.com/talks/susan_... Edited to add this link: http://introvertology.com/whats-... Note the final sentence: "Whatever definition you use, please do not use the word shy to describe introversion." I'm not dissing your product, but it should not be associated with introverts or extroverts. Your tagline should be something like "Confidence exercises for shy people".
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@angus_halen I'd completely agree with you. Even a target of anxious people/people diagnosed with technology would be much better than introversion/extroversion. It is offensive as an introvert to be called shy - I'm not shy, sure I'm quiet or I'm drawn but I'm not shy or unconfident. It's almost offensive of the ploy of women's confidence too.. As a woman, people are always telling me to be more confident...
@angus_halen If I am to judge your comment by the logic of your argument I would have to say that stating that you haven't looked at the site, saying you're offended and then proceeding to claim that it is "clear that you have absolutely no real understanding of what it means to be an introvert..." should be enough for me to stop reading what else you have to say by the sheer fallacy of the basis of your argument. Granted, I was curious so I proceeded. You make a good description of the distinction between introversion and shyness. However, I don't believe that the Founder/OP meant them as interchangeable. And I don't believe that you can confidently deny that the two don't go hand in hand. If anything one is a disposition and the other a tendency and I believe the disposition will foster the tendency. Furthermore, confidence exercises don't always imply shyness. There are many elements of confidence such as self-esteem, trust, etc. I have no association what so ever with the Product but the logic and aggressive tone of your post on something that is generally positive borderline offending me.
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@realsorinolaru Hi thanks for your reply. Firstly I would say that I wasn't trying to be aggressive in tone. I ended my comment by saying that I was not disrespecting the product, only the assertion that introverts are shy, which is to be brutally frank, just ignorant. I'd also point to the number of upvotes my comment has had, in relation to the other comments in this post. This indicates to me that clearly many people who have come into this thread agree with my statement. We're all entitled to an opinion and that's what makes this community great, but implying or even just outright saying, that introverts are shy, is not opinion, it's just wrong.
@angus_halen Hi Angus - thanks for sharing your thoughts. I completely understand how you might feel offended about shyness and introversion being linked - I am indeed an introvert myself. That being said, the tagline for Kick is "confidence exercises for introverts and shy extroverts" - it is very deliberately not "confidence for shy introverts". "Shy extroverts" was included because although it may seem like an oxymoron, many people are surprised to learn that extroverts can also be shy, and we wanted them to feel included. We believe that everyone can work on confidence - introverts, extroverts, shy or not shy, and the exercises in the app address much more than shyness - if you look under the Areas tab there are a set of Kicks for mindfulness, and we are adding other areas - vulnerability, gratitude, imposter syndrome etc. There's a current list of over 30 areas we are building Kicks for. In the long run, we are trying to create a more actionable way for people to work on emotional well-being, and confidence is just the start. I hope this sheds some light on where we currently are and where we are headed. Please feel free to respond or email me directly in the app. I'd be more than happy to chat about any concerns you might have and give you more details about what's coming next.
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Android? Any ETA?
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Hi @gertjeza Not yet but we built the app in React Native so hoping it'll be much easier to bring it to Android!
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Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt! We're so excited to be launching on PH today! 🚀 Kick provides you with the tools to build confidence across all areas of your life — work, friendships, dating, public speaking and social gatherings. Each day the app provides a simple, fun, and creative activity that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone, increases mindfulness, or changes the way you see the world. These actionable and fun exercises were created and endorsed by Stanford psychologists and backed by studies as the most effective way to build confidence. Since we’re asking a lot of you by asking you to do something that gets you out of your comfort zone each day, we’re making it less intimidating by pairing you up with like-minded folks who also want to work on their confidence. “Sidekicks” are people from all around the world completing the daily Kick alongside you, and we’ve created a group chat to provide support around each daily exercise. More info here: https://blog.kickhealth.co/when-... We'd love your feedback here or directly from the "email founder" link within the app. We'll be here all day to answer any questions you might have as well! Ready to Kick It? 🥋 Download from iTunes here: http://grow.kick.my/spnb/84KUoWqBAD
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When you guys going to lunch it Android
@buddies2705 Hi Gaurav - we don't have a date yet but we built the app in React Native so hoping it'll be much easier to bring it to Android!
this looks awesome - as a shy / anxious / british whatever-vert, I like being nudged outside of my comfort zone. agree on the distinction between shyness and introversion, but that's one copyedit away. hate to be That Guy, but I'd love an Android or web version :) (edit: just saw you said you built it in React Native — dope, looking forward to the easy port :) )
Hi @jongold 🙌 Thanks for the kind words. We've been spending a lot of time making sure the Kicks and iPhone version were good - It's a bit harrowing releasing an app that gets people to do things they're somewhat uncomfortable doing! 😅. Lots of requests for Android, so I'm looking forward to an easy port too!