Kalkul v1.1

3D-Printed Immersive Wired Earphones

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Kalkul v1.1 is the purest form of an high-res earphone. Designed for noisy dense urban environments to focus on yourself and your work. In 2017 our brains move in turbo mode through virtual and real spaces. You need a special sound quality for that journey. Made in Tokyo.

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Bartek Kolacz
Bartek KolaczMakerHiring@batek · Founder at Kalkul Inc.
Hey! I am very happy to share news about our new unique KALKUL v1.1 IEM we have been working on in the dark for about 2 years now. We are a strong team of audiophile engineers working on another future of audio technology and ready for a wider audience. I am a cybernetic/sound engineer from Germany and maker of Kalkul. I ventured out to Japan some time ago to learn about their ways of making and thinking products. It took me some years of observation and work to gain the confidence to start Kalkul. Then we took another year of designing, making and selling our first limited version 1.0 in Tokyo. Inspired by Japanese knife & tool making we wanted to create the essence of an earphone. Reduce to the core components and focus on every detail 100%. The other goal was to make it affordable and find a high optimum for the price/sound-performance in components. Unique is our acoustic design using a complex internal 3D-Printed horn structure to get open up the drivers for maximum headroom to hear every detail. The enclosure is a new strong 3D-Printed Nylon11 which feels very smooth and ages well over time. The minimal design is inspired by Japanese interlocking wood structures. We use very new industrial printers made for manufacturing from our partners for those parts which are a very exciting space for 3D-Printing now. We believe the future of consumer electronics should be on demand and resourceful. Every unit is hand assembled here in Tokyo. To be able to offer our product for a very competitive price we reduced the packaging to a minimum and selling directly on our website. Let me know if you need more info. I am happy to explain and talk about it!