A carry-on made for non-stop travelers ✈️🌎

#5 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2019
KABUTO is a carry-on made for frequent travelers.
Removable back pocket for valuables | Silent wheels | Fingerprint lock | 50% expandable | Laptop charger | Lifetime warranty suitcase
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This is how you sell product. Amazing video guys. 👍
@vladdesign I'm already thinking of the next one in Namibia with Lions and zebras. Glad you like it, so proud!
Hi fellow travel addict, So honored to launch KABUTO with this brillant community today! In a nutshell, KABUTO has been developed for entrepreneurs & business travelers. We aim to become the french RIMOWA, a premium suitcase, for premium people, at an affordable price. We've taken our drawing board from the ground up and designed in-house every single parts of this luggage ....to last a lifetime. To make your life flawless, most of the parts can be replaced with a screwdriver. If it ever breaks... good luck! Sustainable as well, right? How can you help? This is our second generation luggage, the 2 wheels launched last year has been a great success but we figured out 80% of travelers only swear by 4-wheels ... so we are still trying to find the perfect sweet spot for a carry-on. We believe this 4-wheels is getting close to it, but your feedback count a lot for us here! How would you change KABUTO to make it a perfect fit for your trips? How is the carry-on of your dream? You got the point. Thanks for your support & Happy to discuss with you all!
I like how the makers have channeled 007 in the promo video. The silent wheels sound very compelling, too.
@abadesi So glad you like the video, I made it! It was a lot of fun. The silent wheels on our first generation of luggage was the main selling point. As soon as someone would try it, the WOW effect was here!
Finally a suitcase designed for business travelers. Congrats on the launch!
@p01ds No more headhaches and finally some flawless travels, thanks for your support @Eric !
Great design, very clever features! Congrats 👏
@lizzygouatch YeaY! Glad you like it ! Thanks for your support!