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Convert Your App Icons To Epic, Reusable Stickers

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Hey everyone! So excited to launch our new service via ProductHunt. Even though I have been a big fan of Product Hunt, never got around to launching something here. Just to give a brief about us, we are a small startup based out of India and provide some amazing reusable stickers. We have a design marketplace where various designers submit their designs and a bulk sticker service. But along with those, we always look forward to add new services which people would love. This is the first of the lot, specially targeted to app developers! Developers spend a lot of time and effort to launch so many awesome apps out there. With this service, they can easily convert their app icon to a customized re-usable sticker. All our stickers are made up of a reusable material which does not damage the gadgets and the stickers can be easily swapped between phones and laptops (up to 99 times!) etc. We also created a special 20% discount coupon for the ProductHunt community. This can be attained using the coupon "producthunt". We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions on this ^_^ Do post your comments with any feedback, questions or even just a hello. We would love to hear from you! *so excited*