Interactive wireframes for web and mobile UI designers

#2 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2014
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Anyone tried it out yet? Looks damn good from the phone, but I need to give this a try on desktop rather soon.
@linusekenstam I have, actually prefer flinto if you're going to transition btw psds on for desktop apps. If you're looking for mobile prototyping, I'd go w/ pixate then.
@linusekenstam @JoeConte My thoughts exactly pixate is exceptional for mobile and for desktop their are far too many better alternatives like flinto.
I used the desktop version around 2 years back, a reasonably good experience. If I were to use it today, I would find it not too intuitive unless they have improved on that version!
I'm still looking for that perfect setup so I will give these a whirl. Look great though.
@raydawg88 you can try http://www.swordsoft.idv.tw/ for simple and quick wireframes for web. I have used so many tools and swordsoft is the simplest and most clutter-free option. For mobile, Flinto works well!
Gave this a shot a couple days ago. Pretty solid considering it's free. Very photoshop-ish in how it works. I would love to see more options in the tool box and they are hard to filter through a bit initially. All in all not bad though and I was able to finish what I was trying to mock up.
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