JustDoc is one of the largest global online doctor consultation platforms that provide better healthcare services via audio, video & chat. We help you get medical advice online from country's best physicians from our app and website. We also have many services such as chat with a doctor, medical second opinion, home diagnostics, etc.

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    Sanju Sony KurianTechnology Director, Kings Learning

    Great platform. Easy to use. Good doctors.


    No option to select a particular doctor.

    Awesome experience. The whole process was smooth except for some network issues from our end.

    Sanju Sony Kurian has used this product for one day.
  • 1083667
    Tanushree PalCreative writer

    Great Concept at low cost


    Doctor profiles should be visible on website.

    I used this service & I think with a little improvement, it can really help people.

    Tanushree Pal has used this product for one day.


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Jugal AnchaliaMakerHiring@bonjugal
Dear PH users, We have created JustDoc, a unique telemedicine platform that offers consultation services from across the world. We have board-certified physicians & specialists from different countries esp. emerging market to provide anonymous consultations to users worldwide. We currently cater to 13 different specialisations as listed below:- General Medicine Gynaecology Dermatology Paediatrics Diet & Nutrition Oncology Cardiology Endocrinology Sexology Psychology Orthopaedics Gastroenterology Fertility What makes us unique, in this cluttered world of telemedicine providers? We started JustDoc with a simple aim to reduce healthcare costs while maintaining the quality of service. The doctors from emerging countries such as Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, Eastern Europe, etc. are exceptionally trained & equally good as their western counterparts. Hence, the idea of a global hospital was born. We provide low-cost, good-quality consultations from Physicians & Specialists. We would love to get your feedback on our product. Thanks
Devashish MamgainHiring@devashish_m · Cofounder @kommunicate.io | @Applozic
looks like a big oppurtunity, how do you guys differentiate yourself from Doctor Insta?
Jugal AnchaliaMakerHiring@bonjugal
@devashish_m Thanks Devashish. We are a global online hospital and serve patients everywhere. Our aim to provide low-cost, quality health care leverages our global presence.
TONY TOM@tony161293 · Co-founder, Refly
Cool concept. Online consulting. But how do I know if the Doctor I'm consulting is genuine and have the right qualifications? Do you guys have any specific criteria for the background checks?
Jugal AnchaliaMakerHiring@bonjugal
@tony161293 Thanks Tony for the question. This is a very important part of our on-boarding process. At first we shortlist doctors based on their experience & recommendations and our acceptance rate is 1 in 10 applications. Then, there is an interview conducted by our medical panel before we finally on-board a doctor. Even after coming on the platform, doctor's performance is regularly monitored by HODs in each specialization.
Shahul Hameed@beingshahul · Product Engineer, Entri
Looking good! :Can you clarify how do you cater to ortho patients who might need X-Rays or some scans before consultation?
Sandeep CMakerHiring@meetsc · Programme Manager, JustDoc
@beingshahul Happy to answer that! Orthopaedics is one of our major specializations where patients usually have the X-Rays and reports ready but require a specialist doctor to evaluate them. Some are also chronic patients who require the doctor's input on the treatment ahead. In such cases, the doctor advises them to get the required X-Ray or scans and follow-up.
Arjun R Pillai@rarjunpillai · Entrepreneur, Data@FullContact
Cool idea. Do you provide an option for me to meet the doctor personally after I consult them online?
Jugal AnchaliaMakerHiring@bonjugal
@rarjunpillai No Arjun, we don't have an option to consult a doctor physically as our doctors are from different cities across the world. We can though match a patient within a preferred city but it might compromise with our Turnaround time (TAT). So we prefer to provide a faster response with this rostering. Although, we do recommend doctors in nearby areas, if the problem is not solved through telemedicine. I hope this answers your question.