Just Unfollow

Intelligently manage Twitter followers and who you follow

#2 Product of the DayApril 19, 2014

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Man, this app is just great, doing some cleaning in the followers, quickly looking for new interesting people to follow, ... Must have!
I use this and enjoy it. I'm on the fence about it tweeting my daily follower delta with snarky comments. Oh well.
Too many manipulative anti-UX patterns to get you pay and trust in this product.
I use it quite often and frankly it works relatively well what is meant for. It has some issues connecting every now and then, but still works much faster than it used to be. Great service!
I've been using this product for several Twitter accounts and it works well. I'm using the paid version for a few side projects and at the company I work for. It has several great features, but some additional tweaks (like showing you when you followed someone) would make it a lot better.