Just Another Stacking Game

Simple yet addictive Android and web game


My first mobile game is called Just Another Stacking Game. As the name suggest, it is not an original idea. But I wanted to add something extra so I focused on the game's atmosphere.

The game itself is simple. Stack the blocks on top of each other and try to reach the highest score. Save your score and compete with other players!

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Milan Seitler
Milan SeitlerMaker@milanseitler · Freelance designer & indie game dev
Hello hunting colleagues! I've always wanted to make games. It was actually the main reason why I started studying IT. And now I'm finally going after it! I know there's a long journey ahead of me but I had to take the first step no matter how big or small that step is. The name of this first step is Just Another Stacking Game. It's my first game for web and android phones. I know it's nothing original. So I at least wanted to add something unique. That's why focused on the game's atmosphere. I also implemented Google Play leaderboard so the players can save their scores and compete for the champion's title. I'd be happy if you try the game and let me know your feelings. Even if there's not much to say as the game is really simple. I already have many ideas for next games so every feedback, every comment and every review will help my to stay motivated and go on. I've also decided to make games under the name of studio, not myself as an individual. So I created a one-person gamedev studio called Fluffy Paws (such a silly name, huh?). Thanks a lot! Milan