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At JumpStory, in order to save your time, we use AI technologies such as machine learning to help you find the right image for your content - every time.
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Dear Product Hunters I'm Bettina, the CMO of JumpStory. All companies have marketing people or other employees wasting a lot of time searching for the perfect image for their newsletter, website, blog, SoMe-post etc – without them knowing the effect the image might have. We want to change that. JumpStory is a new kind of image platform combined with both AI and editing tools (for all of us without a degree in graphic design). Today we have just launched our new HighJumper feature in 30 countries. Based on millions of data, statistics from social media and the latest knowledge within neuromarketing we have built an algorithm, which analyses all the +10 mio. images in our database. The HighJumper icon is our new “performance indicator” icon, which will select the images that have been predicted to perform above average when used in communication and marketing campaigns. With HighJumper your selection of visuals becomes more than just a leap of faith. You can also use JumpStory to find images in 2 seconds. Just copy-paste your text into our TextMatch tool and within 2 seconds the platform will find suggestions for you. Finally, we have a built-in editing tool, so you don’t need a graphic designer or an image editing program. Simple just crop, flip, change colors or even remove the background with a few clicks. Hopefully this should help anyone searching for images a lot of time Hope you will check it out on www.jumpstory.com
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Perfect! This is what every marketer need searching for new image. Fast, beautiful, and relevant. Using machine learning to find an image for content is awesome! Cool work, guys!
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@dmitrykotlyarenko thanks! Our next step is working on elastic search + video. More info to come later in the year
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@dmitrykotlyarenko If you want a free trial for the rest of the year, please let me know. We really want to improve our platform together with our users
Love the native editing tool! Great feature that most image repositories are missing.
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@lachlankirkwood Thank you. I used to work as the only person in marketing and I do not have any graphic skills so that feature is one of my favorite ones - and we are improving it in the months to come. If you want a free trial for the rest of the year, let me know :-)
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Great tool for everyone that appreciates their time!
Looks great !
@mikedane7 Thanks. You are welcome to have a free trial for the rest of the year if you like. We really want to improve the platform with help from our users