Jumpshare for iPhone

The world's first real-time file sharing app for iPhone

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I use Jumpshare every day to quickly share files with clients. I'm really happy they finally released an iOS app. :) Here is a pretty neat vid:
@larkef Thanks Jord! Awesome to hear you love sharing with Jumpshare! Please let us know if there is anything we can improve. :)
Hey everyone, Today, we’re excited to introduce a new file sharing experience for iPhone. It works in real-time, requires minimal input from you, and makes life easier for both you and your file recipients. Real-time file sharing makes things incredibly fast: just select the files you want to upload, and immediately share them with a link, or via email. Sharing an average file with Jumpshare for iPhone is at least 3x faster than other apps because you don’t have to wait for uploads to finish, nor need to manually generate shareable links. We believe this is a big leap forward for file sharing on smartphones. Your recipients enjoy the same seamless experience when they receive the link. They see real-time uploading progress from your end, and are shown files the moment they’re ready - no page refreshes required. What’s more: after sharing files, you can smartly time your follow-ups with recipients because Jumpshare sends you push notifications when files are viewed or downloaded. From our experience, sharing files only works well when everyone can conveniently view them, too. So, when we decided we were going to bring the Jumpshare experience to iPhone, delivering a powerful file viewer was at the top of our list. I’m really proud of what the Jumpshare team has achieved over the past few years, as the the app can view 200+ file formats - a number unheard of on iPhone. From documents, photos and videos to code, fonts, markdown, and photoshop/vector files, everything looks gorgeous in our file viewer! Again, this also holds true for your recipients on desktop or mobile website. This summarizes much of what makes Jumpshare for iPhone our most revolutionary app yet. I’m excited to put it in front of the Product Hunt community, and we all look forward to hearing your thoughts on what we’ve created. Thank you!
Despite the numerous attempts of solving file sharing I still feel pain whenever I try and share documents. Jumpshare looks to have taken steps forwards here making sharing simpler. Congrats to @nakodari on launching this, I'm sure a tonne of hard work has gone into it!
@fredrivett Thanks so much Fred! I feel happy to see we've solved your file sharing problem. We've spent over a year working on the app. It's an indescribable feeling to finally launch it today.
Hi, it looks great. I currently use the Dropbox iPhone app to share files in the same way. Can you outline how Jumpshare is different to Dropbox? Thank you.
@marklyttleton Great question Mark! Unlike Dropbox’s iPhone app, Jumpshare lets you share files in real-time without waiting for uploads to finish. A shareable link is automatically generated when the file begins uploading - users can immediately copy and paste it anywhere. This makes sharing incredibly faster, saving you time and making you more productive on the go!
@nakodari cool thanks, best of luck with it Ghaus
@nakodari @marklyttleton Hi first of all thank you very much for creating Jumpshare. I want to give my feedback about this topic. Share the link just when the upload start, I do not see it like an advantage. In the case you want to send a video (for example).. Is not useful send the link and when the other people open that link, say: "No files uploaded" because the video has not yet been uploaded. So, the logical path, is to wait that the files are uploaded, and then send the link to that person. And the small files like photos you can upload it in seconds, so is not big deal wait 3 ~ 5 seconds. So I encourage you to seek a bigger advantage. What do you have in mind regarding this? PS: Sorry for my english.
@marioenrique Hi Mario, Jumpshare works in a true real-time fashion. When you share the link to the video while it is still uploading, your recipient will see the upload progress in real-time. The moment upload finishes, your recipient will be able to view the video right inside his browser without any refreshing required.
Finally the iPhone app. Great work, team!
@saadsattarkhan Thank you Saad! :)