Jumper For Business

The video calling platform designed for the B2C experience

Jumper is a platform for customers and businesses to video call each other. There’s a growing demand for video services, and we’re uniquely using them to help customers shop remotely, and teams increase engagement and sales.
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Hi Product Hunt! We created Jumper (for business) to make B2C relationships better, and personal. The first question we'll answer before it's asked, is what makes this different than FaceTime or Skype? Our platform is designed for B2C. Any business can join Jumper, invite their team, be listed in our directory (Yelp-like), and start receiving video calls (within Jumper) from customers who browse, or search within the platform - giving businesses a new way to drive sales, and improve customer engagement. Think of it as if Yelp and FaceTime had a baby :)