Commerce on and within social media - no redirects!

jumper.ai converts your social media engagement into instant contextual sales then and there.

Automate the process to instantly reply and walk customers through a sale or promotion when they comment, tweet, click on your posts across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

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Thanks for hunting us Nick. We are thrilled to share the Jumper2.0 launch with the PH community. If you use social media to market or sell your products, then this is exactly what you require to drive more sales. jumper.ai enables you to instantly auto-reply and engage with customers when they comment on your posts – and the best part, it auto-magically walks and talks them through a sale right within the social media. No websites, no apps, no redirect links, convert your customer instantly on and within any social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and more. Encourage more sales and wider organic post reach, by enabling your customer to buy your products by simply commenting on your posts. Also never miss another customer. Save the time, money and resources you spend reply to customer comments about price, payment, delivery and more. Jumper helps you to automate it. - if you own an e-commerce store you can use jumper to instant reply and create a spontaneous checkout experience when your customers comment with your chosen #hashtag or keywords (e.g., how much? Price please?, etc.). - if you are organizing an event you can use jumper to enable your attendees to RSVP by simply commenting on your post. It's also free for free events. - if you are a marketer you can use jumper to auto-engage and send an instant message with your promo, when consumers comment with any keyword on your posts. -if you are an enterprise, we can enable integrations with your current software as well as provide custom solutions to help you reach your brand objectives. (Simply drop us an email.) How it works: 1. Connect your social media channels. 2. Import your product from Shopify or with CVS, or do it directly from your dashboard - and select a unique Hashtag for each of your products. - You can also add keywords(eg how much, cod) that your customer often comment with and select the responses to be sent. 3. Post on social media as usual with the selected #hashtag - When your customer comments with the #hashtag or keyword, they receive a direct message from you, where jumper enables automatic chat and walks through the sale. 4. The customer pays, you get the order on e-mail and in your Shopify dashboard – and your customer gets his receipt! It’s all done You can also check out a live demo of the product here: http://bit.ly/2xiYWQs We are also giving 50% off on our Social Commerce plan for 3 months, to all the Product Hunt community members. Simply use the code : producthunt or use the discount link: http://bit.ly/2ffhjez We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and happy to answer any questions.
@nehashre Excited to see this easy integration especially for Facebook. I tried posting on your demo post but it does not seem to be working at the moment as I got no response in Messenger? https://www.facebook.com/heyjump... I am particularly interested in trying the Autoengage product for Facebook - what advanced features are you planning to release? If I sign up for the 14 day trial to see how easy it is to set up and how it works can I still avail of your PH discount at the end of the trial? And what if I want to use Autoengage and Events on one Facebook Page - is that possible? What happens if I have a couple of Facebook Pages I want to test on? You also say that you can connect social media channels and people will get a DM - how does this work on Twitter if they are not following you account? What other social profiles does it work with e.g. Instagram? I don;t want to sell products but want to set up a demo to show my students who are PR professionals how this can work - is there a way the platform can work to have the reply be a link to a landing page for a download rather than an event registration? Many thanks. I look forward to learning more about your platform.
Hi @krishnade, Thanks for giving our platform a spin. We are experiencing a 190x longer response time on Facebook for the last 1 hour - which probably is a small issue on their end and should be rectified soon. My team and I are currently monitoring it and we will update it here. For the auto-engage we will be soon launching features for contests, sharing media and a whole lot more. Absolutely, feel free to use the discount code for auto-engage too. Auto-engage works standalone as it's for posts which don't have an event/product #hashtag created with jumper.ai At this moment we support 1 facebook page per account, though that being said, linking multiple pages are in the works and should be shipped shortly. If you have a specific requirement, drop us a line and we'll be happy to get you set up. For Twitter, if the user's settings allow for DM's to be sent from non-following account then we enable the brands to auto DM. Else we recommend mentioning small instructions in the tweet: eg " Follow & retweet to buy" It works across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We also provide an auto-generated web page for each #hashtag, which also triggers messenger on clicking the button. Sure, you can use the auto-engage plan to create an auto-reply by adding a link to the website/app download in the text box. We're really excited to see how people creatively use jumper.ai
@nehashre Thanks for the comprehensive response - I would certainly be interested in learning more about linking pages - I may want different # for different pages You mention creatng an auto generated page for the hashtags - are they no index no follow pages re Google search engines? Do you have an example live for the Events product on IG/Twitter/YT as it would be good to see it in action? Thanks
Hey @krishnade - jumping into the conversation on behalf of @nehashre You can create hashtags at your disposal, not an issue at all. Each of your page will also have the ability to respond uniquely. Each hashtag has a single page generated, for e.g. https://jumper.ai/manutdaway which currently is set to no index no follow. We're dabbling into it to explore indexing. Would love to hear your thoughts :) If you'd like to experience twitter, look for @benchwarmerssg - follow and retweet their jersey post. It's magical. Instagram and Youtube don't currently have any event products live. Hope my replies answer most of your queries if not all.
Thanks @zykotak hoping to test it this week - can I add auto engage and events to one Facebook Page and then what if I want to do the same on a second page?
@nehashre happy to see you on produnct hunt. I've seen these people working hard from long time and won many competitions.great and useful product for every ecommerce and shopify owners👍🏻💐💐 good luck