Your privacy assistant, by Sunrise co-founder

#2 Product of the MonthApril 2019
A single app for all your privacy needs.
Jumbo lets you clean your personal data – across all social media apps and internet services – from one app. It's simple and efficient.
  • Pierrick
    PierrickFront-end Developer at Meilleurs Agents

    - clean interface - seems easy to use


    - Twitter cleanup limited to 3k+ tweets by day cause of API limitation - Facebook cleanup didn't work for me, blocked at 40%

    Hope those problems can be fixed cause it looks like a promising app!

    Pierrick has used this product for one day.
  • Michelle Tackabery
    Michelle TackaberySr Content Marketing Specialist, Progr…

    Sounds fabulous. I adored Sunrise, and this sounds like a great replacement. If the Facebook glitches can be worked out, I will be on board.


    Please make an Android version.

    Privacy can't be a right reserved for people who can afford iPhones. Come on.

    Michelle Tackabery has never used this product.
Looks very good! Android version please :)
@simongabriel thanks! On our list. ;-)
Hi, @pierrevalade ! Is there any way one can get an e-mail or another kind of direct message when the Android version is out? I prefer not to follow on Twitter or anything like it; I only want to know when the Android version is released.
@pierrevalade @niklaspivic666 Following. I would also like an email for notification. Please add this to your website.
Glad to see this out there, @pierrevalade. 🚀 I'm super curious to learn more about the long-term vision for Jumbo. I'm sure there's a LOT under the surface of what you launched today.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! excited to share the launch with the PH community too. long-term, we simply want to build the best privacy assistant, which works for you (and not anyone else). i think of this as your digital agent, similar to a lawyer in the real world, who represents you and make decisions in your favor, because it's incentivized to do so (ie: you will pay for it at some point). you don't need to study law in order to be well represented in court, you need a good lawyer, and that's a fundamental principle of our judiciary system. (hopefully, Jumbo is more accessible to a great number of people than great lawyers are, because we're building software). long-term, there is great brand value to always make the right decisions for our users. for example, it's really hard work to make everything work client-side for Jumbo, (we don't have any servers processing your personal data), but it's worth it, so that over time (not today), people will trust the Jumbo brand to provide them with more services to defend their privacy online. short and medium term, it's always about building the best product, and the best team (we're hiring btw, email pierre@jumboprivacy.com if you want to build Jumbo) more philosophically maybe, I think the concept of being represented by a smart agent is something super cool: https://twitter.com/pierrevalade...
@pierrevalade Love the way you are looking at it, people will definitely need services like this. A smart assistant seems like a great way to go about it. Congrats on your launch Pierre, I look forward to seeing where you take it!
Why do apps still not launch for both iOS and Android? It is almost 2020 guys...
@stewartjarod we can't make Jumbo as a web app. the reason we launch on iOS is that we're a small team, we can't do both. it's on our list.
@pierrevalade I totally understand small teams and resource allocation, I'm just an iOS first hater :D.
@stewartjarod @pierrevalade Why can't this be a web app? Couldn't a web app have at least some subset of the functionality?
Congrats on the launch @pierrevalade 🙏 I'm curious as to what other features you're planning to build on Twitter's end of things. What do you have in mind for added privacy on Twitter?
@amrith thanks Amrith. Good question: on Twitter we are working on a similar feature than Smart Privacy for Facebook. Our Smart Privacy feature for Twitter will manage settings for you to protect you and save time. If you download the app and accept push, we’ll let you know when the feature is live