Matchmaker for concerts + friends

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That is indeed the direction we set with @amotion. We're more interested in the human element of concert-going, rather than the utilitarian improvements to the experience.
I think this app is incredibly well designed. They suggest friends that might like an artist that's playing and make it easy to invite them to come along. They even go so far as to recommend friends of friends that might be interested, which is a clever little growth hack.
I've used similar mobile concert discover apps, Thrillcall and Willcall, but never found them that compelling. I assumed Jukely would be the same but they've taken a slightly different approach, making it more social and relevant. The push notifications are very well done. It's delightful and serendipitous when it informs you a friend just booked tickets to a concert that night. cc @amotion
Oh man, huge fan of Jukely.
Jukely graduated from TechStars NYC this year. cc @alexiskold http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2...