Juice Video

A new way to discover & watch YouTube videos on your iPhone

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This is basically Tinder for all your Youtube descriptions. Made by the same guys that made Pilot (Tinder for Tech news). Maybe @npearsonwright can answer some Q's.
@bramk Thanks for the hunt!!
Hey Product Hunters!! Myself & @imdanielqu are the creators. Great to be on here with some killer products! We built Juice out of frustration with the current mobile experience on YouTube. We wanted an easier way to see the videos we love from the creators that we love. This is v.1 of public beta and would love to here feedback from the best product connoisseurs on the web!
This is actually a great product for YouTube video consumption and it even gave me the number of channels I'm subscribed too (552 < Yikes). Turn it landscape if you want to view the video in fullscreen. Swipe left for the content you don't want to see and swipe right for the content you want to save. The native YouTube apps user experience is just meh but Juice is simple. Great job @npearsonwright and @imdanielqu
@citizenglish @imdanielqu glad you like it! We think it really turns the focus to the channels and creators being able to deliver content right to their loyal subscribers. Making your YouTube experience more community based and less focused on individual videos. It's also nice that you don't have to join another platform...it just plugs right into your YouTube account.