Similar to Codepen, JSFiddle & Glitch, JSPen helps you make webpages, but without storing anything on other people's servers!
Your drafts are saved locally, & the links you share contain your entire page (in the URL). No sign up required!
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Hi there, fellow makers! Inspired by a recent HN post (, I spent the last two days working on a code editing tool that stores your entire web page in the browser URL! The trick works since modern browsers (excluding Edge) allow URLs up to around 100,000 characters long to be processed. So you can create small demos quickly, which are stored to your local device (no account required), and share them anywhere (via a URL shortener, where required). It works like You can read their explanation on how it works: Share your creations on Twitter, and we'll RT them, which posts them to the homepage!
Hi James Futhey, would there be a way to implement this in a Word-press environment?
@arwamekdadi Thanks for your comment. I'm not quite sure what that would mean, but it's worth a shot!
Will it growing Google Pages Speed Test?
@spencerslade You can try it, but this likely isn't going to test the page you created, just the tiny page that bootstraps the loading of the content from the URL Hash parameter. But, if you consider the intent of the Google PageSpeed test, it reduces Client <-> Server communication time dramatically, since the page load is a single request, no sub-requests, and the total size is very small.
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