Joy for Spotify

Voice and Watch Controlled Music

Driving or running? Don't type. Use Joy on iPhone or Apple Watch to play any song with just your voice. I love Spotify Premium. It's like a music buffet and I am constantly changing my mind on what to hear. But searching for tracks while driving, running, cooking or lying in bed is really annoying. That's where Joy comes in. Ask Joy on iPhone or Watch for any song, artist, genre or playlist and it will play it. No need to type. Pause, play and change tracks using simple gestures, without looking at the screen. Control playback with iPhone-compatible cars and earphones. Stream music over AirPlay, Bluetooth and more. I hope you enjoy it!
@zakmandhro this is awesome, I hope it's as good as it looks. Downloading it now.
@mark_donne Fingers crossed. I hope you like it. :)
Hey @zakmandhro, Waze has an awesome feature where you can just wave your hand over your phone and it turns on voice recognition. Would love to see that implemented into this app. Great job btw, been looking for something like this for a while!
@dkndlr Thanks. Cool idea - will try it out in next build.
I really wish Siri would work with Spotify, but Joy is the solution (and a great one at that)!
Great idea, especially for driving! I pay for Apple Music and Spotify.... Apple Music mainly for Voice control on my phone and watch. Spotify Premium because I'm developing a music discovery app powered by Spotify. I was really hoping Joy would eliminate my need for Apple Music. Unfortunately, Apple Music's tight integration and advanced natural language processing make it a keeper... for now. I'll keep checking back on Joy. I hope it gets a little better and I can stop using Apple Music. Good luck!