Smart, simple social media monitoring for busy people.

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Hi Everyone! We've put a lot of work into bootstrapping our business to get it this far, feel free to sign up and have a look around. We built Journie to help brand owners work more efficiently. Providing an easy to use solution that allows people to quickly identify the key conversations developing online around their brands & market. Our development roadmap includes integration with Intercom & Stripe, allowing users to filter customer conversations. This is our first public release so we welcome feedback, and look forward to enhancing our service with your input. A huge thank you to Niamh (@foleyeo) for submitting us! Also, much thanks to the team at who helped us scale our beta offering! If there's anything I can help with please let me know! *** It's now 23:06 here in Ireland, so we're about to check out for the night. Thanks for all your support today & we're looking forward to learning from our new users :) We will be back in touch with anyone who wants to talk tomorrow! ***
Hey! Thanks to everybody who has checked us out so far today. The feedback and support has been amazing, we're blown away by it all!
great product!
This is a game charger for monitoring. Check out their videos for more info:
@foleyeo Not sure I'd call this a game changer. It's a nice addition to the category, and well done to the makers, but it's a me-too product, at least at the moment.
@andreasduess @foleyeo Hey Andreas & thank you for taking a look! @foleyeo has had a chance to see more about where we're going to stand out from me-too-ness! We're working hard on a release with integration to Stripe & Intercom, allowing users to filter out the conversations that their customers are having. We wanted to get this realise out & get early adopters in to help us craft our solution. Best wishes, Neil
Just a heads up really, but the stock image of the woman from the home page has been used on another site recently. Once I remember where I'll post the link!
@ichillidesign Thanks Craig, please let me know where!
@burnsneill @journie Got it! It was - hunted a little while ago..
@ichillidesign @journie Changed now Craig, thanks for the heads up!