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Hi there, co-founder/CEO of journi here! We built journi because the way we currently document and share our travel experiences is anything but easy. Just think of writing a travel blog: taking pictures, selecting, uploading, maps, updating friends, sharing on social media, roaming, setup, etc. Or communicating with friends and family back home: Emailing, skype calling that everything is okay. With journi we automate this process and provide a free iOS app to enable the user to simply capture the moment on the go and the app does the rest. It's efortless; wether you want to collect all you travel moments in one place or keep friends and family update. I'd love to answer any questions you have on journi!
@aroettl looks really neat! 1) why / how did Journi start? 2) how do you plan on monetizing? 3) do you plan to expand beyond travel blogging? what's the big vc vision for this?
@eriktorenberg, thanks for taking a look at it, glad you like it. And thanks for your questions. Happy to answer them: 1) We experienced those problems far too many times ourselves. Plus, we started another project in the space about a year ago. A web app and marketplace to create, sell and buy itineraries. What we saw there was, that most of the users were not interested in selling those itineraries but rather use it as a tool to save all their travel memories in a beautiful way, connected with maps. They kind of created “digital photo books” of their trips. But still this would take a few hours and therefore we had a lot of drop offs at this point. People wanted to do this right in the moment, like taking pictures. Digging deeper into that we found that lots of the problems in the travel space could actually be linked back in not providing value for those who actually capture and share information. And with journi we made a pivot and are on a good way to change that. 2) We are working and testing additional features, which should come with a premium version of the app. Here we’re talking about things like a search, videos, audio, etc. I’m afraid that I can’t tell you more at the moment as we still need to run several tests to validate which of the features are going to be next and also on the pricing. 3) We constantly look into how people are using journi and it’s indeed very interesting to already see different use cases popping up. So yes, this is an important point concerning our growth strategy. We’ll see where this is going. Our vision for journi is becoming the go to place for travelers (and beyond) to keep and share their memories. Hth :)
@aroettl The explore section is really cool! Keep at it :D
@aroettl awesome answers, thanks :)
Very intrigued. I love to travel and am not disciplined enough to journal. Helping me use social media to pull together a travel journal and include videos, snapshots, maybe voice messages, short text blurbs from my phone is a great idea. really exciting!
@mjb_sf thank you so much for your feedback! We're working on journi almost 24/7 to constantly improve the overall experience. And we love the idea of including videos and voice messages at some point.
Simple travel blogging app that works offline to make notes and take photos while traveling. It sends out updates to invited friends or family when you're connected to the internet again automatically. by @aroettl & co :)
expected date for android?
@jleebiz it's on our todo list. Realistically in the second half of the year.
@journiapp It is what i dream for my travels. btw, i have an idea to monetise the app.
@ozguralaz great to hear that! ideas, problems, thoughts or what ever you like to say about journi we like to know! either here or at info at journiapp.com