A truly private, offline-first, personal journal

Your notes are only stored on your device, they're never even sent to a server. You don't even need to sign-in to use it! It works offline, so you can reflect upon your day on the slow train journey home.

JournalBook is a PWA and runs entirely in the browser. You can even add it to your homescreen and it'll work as well as any other native app.

This is beautiful @trys! One minor detail I found, exporting data in mobile Safari does not work well (can't download the JSON file). What would be a good alternative for exporting my data from mobile safari?
@kristianmuniz Thank you! Oh that's not great! I can probably swap to .txt files (with JSON still inside) and see how that fares. One of the biggest HackerNews requests was syncing (which I'm still pondering over) so that could help too.
Looks good. How about iOS Devices?
@baidoct Thanks! It's all web-based so iOS users should be good to go - and latest version of Safari support Service Workers so they should even get full offline support!
So nice and simple. Love the design.
It would be nice to allow the date format to leverage the primary locale of the browser.
@bkolics Great idea - I've added it to the roadmap!
Sweet product! i think it would be really nice to have an option to change to some diary, or scenic theme..or simple colored theme per one's own taste. Good to have a simple offline based product!
@singhpankaj99 Thanks so much! I'll add 'improve the theme picker' to the backlog.