Josh Micro

A multi-function home control interface.

Josh Micro is the latest installment from This puck sized device houses the entire Josh processor, including automatic device discovery and configuration, language processing, learning, and more. We've packed the hardware with sensors to detect motion, ambient light, temperature, humidity, and touch. Learn more at

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"Scratch that Josh, and hook me up with that dope living room!"
As someone who is named Josh I feel like I should have been given a heads up about this being built.
@joshwhiteheadme consider this your heads up :)
A smart assistant with a male name!
This looks awesome, but I see in your video that you're carrying it around the home. Is it battery powered? Is it intended to be carried around like a remote for different rooms in your house? Or is it more like an Echo in that you get one and plug it in in a room, and get different ones for different rooms?
@spencerc it's meant to be placed on a tabletop or mounted in a ceiling or a wall.
Looks great, but you've got some tough competition ahead of you. Google, Apple, etc.