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Ufuk Altinok —
Hi! I'm developer and product manager of I'm willing to answer your questions.
Alexis Ohayon — CEO,
@ufukaltinok Your product is really nice :) Always wanted to have a service like this one. Pretty fan of popcorntime but Joker seems to hack the problem in a complete other way, good luck with the upcoming ;)
Ufuk Altinok —
@alexisohayon @ufukaltinok Ah thanks:) We have many new features coming up.
ಠ_ಠ — likes the internet
@ufukaltinok how do you plan to deal with the incoming swarm of legal stuff?
Bram Kanstein (@bramk) — Creator of @startupstash
@michael_mclean @ufukaltinok My guess is the illegal stuff is already out there, he's nothing more than a Joker
Cherian Thomas — Co-founder, Cucumbertown Inc
@ufukaltinok Congrats on this. How is this different from
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@ufukaltinok 8 hrs, no answer to questions about legality? And how's it different from
Paul Shapiro — Director of Strategy & Innovation
@ufukaltinok Whose IP does it route through? The server or the device your streaming on?
Asad Dhamani — Founder, Crestify
Aaaaand its gone....
Simon Bromberg — iOS Engineer @LifeBEAM,
@ufukaltinok, what happened to
Edward B — 3things Media
@shimmb Copyright holders happened - see the story on Torrentfreak a few days ago:
Simon Bromberg — iOS Engineer @LifeBEAM,
@edward_b Yea, was reading and a lot of people were saying Joker was actually downloading files to their server and serving them up like Youtube. Hard to believe they would even have the capacity to handle that.
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