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Jointl is a new kind of reference checking platform with machine-analyzed answers, robust fraud protection, and interactive surveys.
💡Get in-depth insights by collecting more feedback
🦄Screen candidates before an interview or hiring
👍Improve hiring experience
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Hi everyone, we’re Jointl 👋 We’re creating the most beautiful reference checking platform ever made that's suitable both for startups and recruiting firms with high-volume requests. Jointl was initially built as a private service for several companies to screen applicants before an interview; and now we’ve made it public providing free accounts for charities, free 10 checks per month for early-stage companies / SMBs, and flexible pricing for large-scale organizations. All accounts include an unlimited number of companies, jobs, and references allowing founders and recruiters to do checks for multiple companies within one account. Currently, we’re working hard on personalizing questions based on referee’s name and position, catching bounced emails, and improving scoring methods. Thanks for the time, we'd love your feedback –– comments, ideas.
How it screen candidates for interview ?
@mikedane7 Hi Mike, thanks for the question, Jointl was initially built to prove the concept of checking 100s applicants for one job before inviting only 15 to interview. Recruiters got confirmations about candidate’s position, responsibilities, skills, they checked scorecards on each candidate, and after that scheduled interviews. It helped them to avoid fraudulent resumes, save time on after-interview reference checks, and improve the hiring experience for referees by not chasing them by phone.
I could see this being helpful for the hiring process. Are you also trying to solve the problem of getting "real", unbiased references vs cherrypicked ones?
@bjoern2000 Hi Björn! Sure, we’re combining the best practices and our experience to make feedback more actionable and unbiased. This is achieved through unlimited references for one candidate (to get an impartial opinion from different groups: peers, managers, clients, etc.); fraud protection (to remove fraudulent references); automated candidate scoring (to eliminate bias when assessing answers); written proof of references (to avoid subjectivity in hiring).
Looks pretty useful to speed up the referencing process when checking 5+ candidates / mo. Love the simplicity and minimalist design.
@ronaldesullivan Thank you so much Ronald! Glad to help you!
Just starting to test Jointl and so far everything works great! Would definitely recommend.
@michaelmkirk So happy to hear that Michael! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!