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#3 Product of the DayApril 07, 2015
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Hi there Product Hunters! I’m VP Product for, the simple screen sharing and online meeting product. We’re excited to roll out the button exclusively on Product Hunt. It is super easy to integrate and it allows your users to launch within your product’s experience. We want to hear what you think about the button. Looking forward to your comments below.
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@craigdaniel awesome work! Quick question: after a user downloads it for the first time to view a screenshare, does the screenshare open in a new window/tab or in an area inside the app?
@willaaye To present your screen, you need to download the app. To view, you simply need a browser to navigate to the link. i.e. We're also working on the ability to IFrame that link as well, so you can embed the viewer in your app.
@craigdaniel Do you have a video of the product in action?
@swb1192 here's an interactive tour of how works: If you want to see how the integration works, go to , click "Get my Button". You'll see the "Start" button. Just click it. Run the downloaded app, and it will instantly fire up Note: A developer can register a startMeetingCallback handler to get the viewer URL. When you navigate to this URL, you can view the screen without downloading anything.
@craigdaniel What's the difference between using this and just putting a link to my URL? Do you have a video demo of this? I'm having a hard time understanding what this is.
We tried to move from GoToMeeting to a year ago. Even paid around $500. Product did not work. My founders in Europe had bad connections. Audio was bad, etc. Long story short, did not refund us, despite all the issues we've had. Nevertheless, this looks clean and easy. However, won't recommend
@thenitai Nitai - that's terrible to hear. I'm really sorry about that. Please email me directly at firstname.lastname at and I'll help you out. We deployed a new audio data center in Europe late last year. The VoIP is similar to the same quality level as US-based VoIP. lets me easily and quickly organize video chats. Communication through a mobile app and co-operate with my team using a mobile whiteboard never been easier. Always happy to recommend at picksaas.
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This is awesome! Would love to see more IBA official cocktails loaded into here by default... trying to make my way through this list :)
Fan of the product. We have been considering rolling this out @ Do (
@jasonyogeshshah we should chat. Ping me via email.