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I played with the iPad Pro this weekend... It's really nice. I have absolutely no use for one, but I want it anyways. The Pencil is basically a must-have $100 accessory, so why not keep it safe?
@jsneedles You just summed up why we made Johnny :) I personally have similar feelings about the Pro, it's gorgeous and I think it could make digital drawing/sketching way easier. If that's the case, I'll be keeping my Johnny close.
Just FYI, as further incentive to #SlipAJohnnyOnIt, we're offering a few Johnny Cases at an early-bird price I hope any interested PHers take advantage of. Also I'm here and staying closely tuned to answer any questions or share in any Johnny puns you may have :D
As an Industrial Designer, the iPad Pro is the hardware I've been waiting for to replace my Wacom Cintiq. The Apple Pencil is the piece that makes it so powerful, which is why it blows me away it's being shipped completely without protection. There's no way I'd throw the Pencil into my bag without it being in a case. For the $25 Early Bird price this is a no-brainer.
@johnrwhaley You bring up a really good point. I wonder what the packaging it's going to ship in looks like? I bet it's nestled pretty snug.
How did you not spell it Jony?!
@brendanbeirne We didn't want to have to crowd fund legal fees, too ;) We figured more people will say it outlaid than type it, so... same pun with less risk
would be more useful if it could be stuck magnetically to the ipad