Stylish bags that support refugee education

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Mohammed Al Lawati
Mohammed Al LawatiMaker@mohammed_al_lawati · Founder at Joggo
Hey guys, founder here. I wanted to share the back story of JOGGO and would love your comments/questions/thoughts on this. I started JOGGO, which stands for JOurney to the Greater GOod, a little over a year ago with the objective of building a purpose driven brand where the business model was directly tied to a social cause. I was drawn to the plight of refugees and understood the importance of education to help them thrive not just survive. To turn this venture into reality I partnered with CARE Canada who operate on the ground at different refugee camps around the world, providing education support and infrastructure at the camps, so decided to support them by contributing 10% of the proceeds from the bags to CARE Canada's refugee education initiative. We also add value to our crafts women through our ethical manufacturing practices. The bags are fair trade certified, manufactured in Nepal at a women's coop facility ensuring fair working conditions for all our producers. A lot of thought has gone into designing the bags, I wanted to make sure the bags embody a minimalist design to deliver a casual look while offering a superior level of functionality and convenience, so we equipped the bags with multiple pockets inside and out and fitted a slot for a laptop. We have had amazing response from customer who love the cause and the bag (you can read the reviews on the product page). Encouraged by the support, I launched new design for the bags, the Versatile Dual flap. This design is unique in 2 ways: 1)In addition to the high quality that Joggo is known for, we are offering our customers an opportunity to customize their bags but providing them 2 replaceable flaps that can be easily zipped on an off. We have a plan to collaborate with artists and sports clubs to design limited addition flaps that can be purchased separately. 2) These bags are bigger and fit a 15" laptop. To kick off production I am offering the Versatile Dual Flap on pre order at an early bird price of $99 Canadian (normal retail will be $149) and expected to start shipping in October 2017. I would love to answer any questions or comments you have, and will throw in a few links below if you would like to read up more on the brand
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Bags look great. Do you have more info about how it helps refugees?
Mohammed Al Lawati
Mohammed Al LawatiMaker@mohammed_al_lawati · Founder at Joggo
Thanks @joshdance for you comment. 10% from each sale goes towards CARE Canada's refugee education initiative at a minimum of $10 CAD per bag. With the new bag our contribution goes up to $15. With CARE Canada's help we have estimated the cost of keeping a refugee child in school to be around $15 per month, this is a ballpark figure and could change based on forex and inflation. Hope this answers your questions.
Scott Bowler
Scott Bowler@scottbowler · DCS Worldwide
Is this really a "product" in the product hunt sense? It's just a bag.. Also 10% of the proceeds isnt very much considering your pitch hangs on the fact that you're helping with education. Take a look at the Tom's approach where every pair of shoes they sell results in them providing a free pair to needy people
Mohammed Al Lawati
Mohammed Al LawatiMaker@mohammed_al_lawati · Founder at Joggo
Hey @scottbowler thanks for your comment. The bags offer a unique casual look with the functionality and convenience that you expect from a bag. The new Versatile bag is even more special since it gives you the flexibility to customize your look by simply replacing the front flap, so you can use the same bag for work or a weekend outing. See some of the customer reviews here for the Companion messenger: As for the 10% contribution to refugee education, honestly no amount is really enough, simply because of the growing number of refugees with the need for basic eduction. With Joggo we needed to have a balance between our giving component that will make a difference to child's education requirements, and Joggo's business requirements that will allow the brand to scale in order to have a larger impact in the future. The vision is to have a scalable sustainable solution to refugee education. Our starting point was to understand the financial requirements to keep a refugee child in school, and based on the estimate from CARE Canada this was at $15 month (this is a rough estimate and can fluctuate based on inflation and FOREX). Today our minimum contribution per bag is $10 CAD and with the Versatile messenger the contribution goes up to $15. I love TOMS, they are an incredible organization, and were an inspiration for Joggo. We wanted to try something different to have a more measurable impact.