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About is an automated transcription tool for direct calls and conference calls

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Justin Sharpe
Brandon Smits
Stephen Hays
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  • Justin Sharpe
    Justin SharpeDigital Marketer

    Easy call recording, no longer have to take notes on calls, allows for quick call review, can flag/label important parts of calls


    Not set up for teams

    Literally took me 3 clicks to sign up. Setup was a breeze. And learning the software was painless and fast.

    It has improved my sales calls, both the experience and the efficiency. Since I no longer have to take notes on the calls, can quickly flag important parts.. I can now spend my time more actively listening to the prospect. Add to that that I can review my call, I am constantly improving my close rate.

    Additionally, with it being AI powered, it will automatically flag important parts of my calls with the flags I set up, listening for keywords. Brilliant.

    Granted, I‘d love to see some improvementa for teams, and other minor things... but the team at Jog appears to be very intent on listening to its user base, and very quick to respond to feedback.

    Justin Sharpe has used this product for one month.
  • Ben Gaddis
    Ben GaddisPresident, T3

    Easy setup. Having voice transcript is amazing and it just works if you use the dial in all the time.


    Not too many. Transcripts are not always 100% but I don't need them to be.

    I use this for most of my calls and share the calls with my team. Makes life so much easier than trying to relay a message from a phone call. The team can just hear the conversation and get the context they need.

    Ben Gaddis has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Fast, Easy, Reliable call recording and transcripts


    No commenting on conversations - its in the pipeline

    I love this tool. Makes auditing my sales calls so easy!

    Brandon Smits has used this product for one month.
  • Stephen Hays
    Stephen HaysManaging Partner, Deep Space ventures

    Solid tech and easy to use


    In beta still

    Great resource. Enjoy not taking notes any more.

    Stephen Hays has used this product for one month.
  • Brittaney Ortiz
    Brittaney OrtizProducer, Creative Pro

    Easy set up and amazing results. Saves tons of time and keeps my people communicating and on track


    Nada. Nothing.

    If you have people working remotely or have r conference calls This is a must have

    Brittaney Ortiz has used this product for one month.