joe - gitignore magician

Generates .gitignore files from the command line

Maker here. It's always annoying to copy-paste .gitignore files by first searching for them. It just slows me down. Hence, joe. It's hands-down the easiest way to generate .gitignore files right from your command line. 1. Install using pip: $ pip install joe 2. Save the gitignore file $ joe java javascript python > .gitignore Best part is, you don't even need Internet connection! WHAAAT!
@karangoel I really like the logo :)
@karangoel HAH! This is funny because my name is actually Joe and I created/maintain which is the largest online gitignore template file generator. You can use the web to generate templates and and you can run from the command line.
@joe_blau Oh haha. Didn't realize that. I was thinking of naming it Gina, but then settled for joe (shorter name).
@karangoel Joe is definitely a better name than Gina, but I'm biased.
It looks like this project is using the gitignores from if anyone wants to follow / contribute since it is a pretty popular repo. @karangoel Why didn't you just have your project checkout the gitignore repo so that it would benefit from the fact that it is an actively maintained repo? It seems like copying them directly into your project is a large point of weakness. Also, for anyone who cares... part of the output includes: "output = '# joe made this:\n'"
@ffumarola Hey Frank. Great points. This was a quick weekend hack (done in just under a day) so I didn't pay that much attention to checking out the repo instead of copy pasting the contents. Will fix that soon.
@karangoel Cool, would love to get pinged when it is updated, that will definitely make this even more useful! Cheers!
@ffumarola I'm using GitHub's master template list as the base for also has templates that aren't yet supported by the GitHub's master template list as well as a `.patch` extension for appending templates. The syntax for is similar to this project as well `gi java >> .gitignore`