All in one collaborative hiring software

Scalable Talent Management Platform for In-House Recruiters and Hiring Managers. Ideal for Growing Businesses and Recruiting Agencies.

Advertise jobs, source and manage candidates and hire the best with our cloud-based recruiting software that is designed to make you more productive every day.

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@yashvit grab my upvote, collaborative hiring is the future of HR market. We would like to offer you an interview about Jobsoid at :) Please PM me at if interested
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Considering the ATS market has been crowded in the past and keeps getting more crowded, @yashvit what's unique about Jobsoid? Is there any specific feature it does well over the other ATS products currently out there?
@angeloe I totally agree. This space is very crowded, but with very few good products and a lot of shelfware. Many of these products also provide limited functionality and expect integrations with third-party providers for certain features. Also, most of these are built for large enterprise businesses and not usable or affordable to SMBs. Jobsoid is an all in one recruiting solution built specifically for SMBs and helps manage the entire recruiting process from sourcing to hiring. In addition to being an ATS, Jobsoid includes features such as interview management, video screening, recruitment marketing (campaigns), sales CRM (for recruiters), employee referral portal, advanced workflow automation, etc.
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