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Those seem to pop up every day. :)
@v4violetta You're right! We noticed that 99% of everything popping up either has low quality jobs or very limited selection. Our mission is to provide lists of the BEST jobs for the BEST startups. Quality is key for us.
Hey everyone, I created Jobscribe for any one interested in finding high quality remote jobs at startups. There are tons of Remote job boards and newsletters popping up all over the web but they either have a limited selection or low quality companies / positions listed. Those newsletters don't provide any insight into the jobs, usually just sending you to another job board. At Jobscribe we pick everything by hand based on trending names in the industry. Each email is focused on the industry, so you never see a job out of your interest. We have a private job board as well for existing members to view older jobs. We're launching our first email on Monday! Let me know if you have any questions!
This product will do very well in the "Nomadic Tech Scene." As a former nomad myself, I was always on hunt for that next gig that could keep me traveling while developing relevant skills. Have you considered partnering with any of the ubiquitous travel communities like Couch Surfing, Hostel World or Lonely Planet?
@willreevessays thanks Will! I'll look into the suggested partnerships.
I've been seeing a new job board related to remote jobs everyday haha.
@artofwarbiz exactly why I created another one! lol. We search through the crappy jobs and send you the good ones! ;)
Every morning they'll send you a list of the best job openings at trending tech startups.
@erictwillis This is pre-launch, right? At least it said so when I entered my data.
@andreaspizsa It's live. Here is a sample email http://jobscri.be/sample and the founder told me they've been sending out jobs.
@erictwillis Got it, thanks. Just an FYI for the makers, if they read here: I get redirected to http://jobscri.be/soon when I sign up (just tried again). "Oops, you're a bit early! Thanks for your interest in Jobscribe! We're still getting things ready behind the scenes. We plan to officially launch on Monday, February 2nd."
@andreaspizsa Yes, we are preparing everything for our official launch on Monday! We'll be sending out our first batch of newsletters then as well as launching the Members-only job board. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!