Jobs board to hire Eastern Europeans remotely

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Hey guys - Mat here, founder of JobRack. Thanks to Josh from Baremetrics for the hunt! Discount available for Hunters at I've been waiting for years for someone to build this but no one ever did! It's a Job Board to help you build out your Eastern Europe remote workforce. Buy a job ad - we will recruit applicants - you sit back and enjoy the ride! Alternatively you can search our system and invite applicants yourself. This is for people who are wanting to grow their teams but don't have the resources to do it like a funded startup. I launched this privately a little while back to a small paid forum and the results were crazy: out of less than 1000 members, 56 have taken the offer. Now I'm proud to present it to PH.
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Am on Google Hangouts nearly all today for those who have any questions. Right here -
@himatthewnewton Ногу Свело – ..очертания тают в темноте, я целую чьи-то гу
Made some awesome hires from Eastern Europe recently. Especially for developers and designers with super high skills, perfect English and good working attitude. So glad there's now 'a site for it'. Signed up already.
Really slick site, look forward to testing this out
This is great! Maybe I will finally dare to outsource now :-)
Heads up, website is loading weirdly when not full screen for me